Are you using your Pinterest account to its full ability? Pinterest is more than a place to save recipes and workouts.

Pinterest is a powerful search engine tool that should be bringing new prospective clients to your website every day. If you’re not seeing that happen, let’s talk!

Do you know how to get the best SEO out of your Pinterest account? The power of Pinterest seems to be underrated currently. It can be working for your business and putting your content in front of new possible clients every day.

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Hi there!

I'm Cindy Scott, the Owner of Cinders Pins & Cinders Media. I have worked in the entertainment industry, in roles all across America, for over 15 years.

I’m a Michigan native working these days as a Digital Nomad out of my RV. Most of my clients are looking for help with Pinterest Management.

However, I also provide a range of other media services including Social Media Management, Video Production Management, Photography, Photo Editing and/or Video Editing.