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Disney utilizes a new method of screen testing audiences

Disney utilizes a new method of screen testing audiences

Disney utilizes a new method of screen testing audiences

Today I came across a research article explaining an innovative concept Disney has been implementing during some of their most recent film screenings to help them dig deeper into figuring out exactly how their audiences are responding to their content.

Essentially, Disney has tested a new method of gathering research at 150 screenings of their most recent film releases, and during those screenings they measured people's facial reactions to their content using AI facial recognition technology. This is a clear indicator that Disney is starting to opt for gathering real time facial reactions over the traditional method of the past, ie: asking them how they liked the movie.

This is a step forward in innovation for Disney. Why? Because they are combining new technology with an old concept: obtaining feedback from audiences is not a 100% dependable method of collecting data. People are often creative and innovative with products, as well as unaware of how they are reacting to and/or using products. Customers often cannot accurately explain their usage to another person, at no fault of their own. People subconsciously censor. We often don't even think to mention our ideas because we want to respond to the questionnaire in the way we believe you want us to respond.

This study brought to mind a Harvard Business School article titled "Discovering What Has Already Been Discovered: Why Did Your Customers Hire Your Product". In this article, Clayton Christensen speaks on the concept of why following your customers usage of your product is of the upmost importance, because what the customer says they think of (or do) with a product is one thing, but often, it is not really how they enjoy using the product. People are often not doing this on purpose, customers forget and/or self-select what they think is important. On top of all this, we have such a short attention-span these days, an emotion felt in the beginning of the film is likely to be forgotten 90 minutes later.

Every company should be consistently taking new steps toward looking into why their customers chose their product over another option. A step like this one, aimed at getting real time results and interpretations on the spot with AI is a step in the right direction. Disney is essentially taking out the middle man - AKA - your filtered thoughts and opinions.

Out with the focus groups of the past, in with the AI of the future!

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