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9 FUN and PROVEN ways to Raise Funds for a Cause


Are you raising funds for a half marathon? Or maybe just because?

Well first of all, good for you! It’s so much easier to just sign up for a run, cough up the money for the event and be done. It takes a special kind of person to make that commitment! So [ high-five]!

I personally started fundraising because I didn’t have the ~$400 it costs to complete 4 runs a year. Now I keep raising funds because I enjoy taking part in the challenge for a good cause. Here are 9 of my favorite fundraisers I've taken part in organizing over the years:


1. Candy Bars - Don’t knock this option until you’ve tried it. When I was 11 I funded a huge part of my trip as Student Ambassador trip with People to People to Australia by going door to door with candy bars! Are you an adult? That’s ok, bring your kid (or your best friend’s kid {laughy face}) along with you. No one can say no to a cute kiddos face. Slap a big sticker on the front of your box so people know right away you’re there for a good cause.

2. Party Barge -

Cruisin for a cure.png

Ask for donations in exchange for a fun day on the water! Round up food and drink donations from local grocery stores and friends for the event. Then have a designated friend who will do all the cooking in exchange for being able to come aboard the boat.

3. Use your Birthday as a Fundraiser - This one’s simple and selfless. Ask for donations instead of presents for your birthday.

4. Sell Your Body 😉 - 


This is one of my most successful and favorite fundraisers in the bunch! Let people know that for donations of a chosen amount, you will run with their name/logo on your body for the entire run, for all spectators to see. I had a blast with this one! Also - there’s nothing like walking around Disney World a day later, quasi-limping from your run, with tons of people’s names written all over your body! :-)

5. Community Grants at Grocery Stores - Reach out to the Community Improvement Coordinator at your local store. They will require an application to be filled out.  Each areas charity is given a certain amount they can donate annually, so earlier in the year is best for this option.

6. Happy Hour -

Happy Hour flyer-v4.jpg

Ask a bar or restaurant to collaborate with you and donate 10%-20% of all their food and drink proceeds for the night to your cause. Most restaurants will say yes to this, why not, you’re bringing people in to spend their hard earned money at their establishment! They’ll generally give you a 3-4 hour period on a particular day. Then it’s your job to advertise the event like crazy! Why not spend $5-10, make a Facebook ad that is targeted exactly towards the group of people who love to give back and attend that type of bar/restaurant you are hosting the event at, run it the week before the event!

7. Monthly Email Campaign - This has also worked surprisingly well for me, another one to not knock until you’ve tried. Make it clean, simple and easy for them to find the “donate now” button. Mail Chimp is a great email campaign resource, and has free account options for when you are just starting out! Explain what originally drew you to this cause, tell them why you are doing this and show them examples of what the charity is doing with donated funds - either news stories about research they are working on or ways they are helping in the local community. The second key to this one is to not forget ANYONE! Don’t spend time trying to guess who will donate and who won’t, or time worrying about who will judge you or who won’t. You’re raising funds for a charity for goodness sakes! The type of person who’s going to judge you about that has bigger problems!

8. Silent Auctions - Call around town asking businesses and people you know for silent auction donations. Perhaps someone can donate a room in a restaurant to host the event as well. The way to make the most of this type of fundraiser is by advertising. Make sure lots of people know about your event and have a BIG item up for auction. That will draw the people in.

9. Comedy Shows - Call your local comedy club. It is likely they will give you a block of tickets for their lower attended shows at a cheaper price, then you can flip those tickets in exchange for donations!


Bonus Idea that I’ve always wanted to try, but still haven’t - Oscar Party – Go all out on this one! Rent a red carpet, have trivia, squares for who will win in each category, prizes, posing with cardboard cutouts of the “stars". There are tons of fun options available for this fundraiser. I recommend reaching out to some locations in your are with conference rooms or perhaps movie theatres that may not be doing an event of their own.

One final side note: When you are choosing which charity to represent in your next run, first check them here: www.charitynavigator.org. This website will let you know how much of every dollar you raise is actually going toward the cause you care about.



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