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I'm Cindy Scott, the Owner of Cinders Pins & Cinders Media. I have worked in the media industry, in many roles all across America, for over 15 years.

I’m a Michigan native working these days as a Digital Nomad out of my RV. Most of my clients are looking for help with getting more viewers to their website.

I provide a range of options to make this happen, including Pinterest Management, Blog Writing & Management, Instagram Management, Email Marketing, Video Production & Editing, Photography & Photo Editing.

When I'm not working, I try to take advantage of my location independence as much as possible by traveling! I pride myself on being an adventurer who can always find a cheap deal. I can promise you, taking part in travel and adventure does not also have to break the bank.

You can read all about RV life here.

I hope this site inspires you to reach out! Please feel free to connect with me!

Why Pinterest & A Few Simple Ways to Step Up Your Pinterest Game Today!

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest can come across as underrated these days compared to the Social Media heavy hitters (IE: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat). But today I'm going to talk to you about a few reasons Pinterest should not be overlooked in your marketing plan if you are looking to generate online business income either via selling a product or through affiliate marketing. Then after that, we will go into a few simple ways you can step up your Pinterest presence beyond the "Average Joe's" profile and start quickly seeing an increase in your impressions and viewers.

People are Using Pinterest to Make Plans and Purchases:
Pinterest is all about what you want to do in the future, as opposed to other Social Media forms that are about what is currently happening or what has already been accomplished. Pinterest has a vast user base full of people who are in the midst of generating a plan. And after they're done planning, they're also using Pinterest to make purchases.

People are also becoming more accustomed to and ok with branding on Pinterest. These days, affiliate marketing is allowed on Pinterest. So you can either link to a blog post full of resources, or you can link straight to one single resource. 

Simple Steps To Kick Your Pinterest Account Up a Notch:

Step 1: Upgrade your Pinterest Account from a personal account to a business account. It's an easy and free change that anyone can do!

Step 2: Change your Name on Pinterest. Add some keywords in with your name.

Step 3: Add a description. Be very clear about who it is you help and why the information you have to provide would be helpful to them.

Step 4: Be active on Pinterest. You want Pinterest to see that you are consistently pinning content on their site. If you are not interested in sitting at your computer and sourcing approximately 20 repins a day, then sign up for Boardbooster. (I will go into greater detail on Boardbooster in another post.) You want to be at least sourcing pins from 2-3 boards for each of your main boards, and you want to keep consistent with your content. I recommend with starting out with 3-8 boards of your own. Be sure to be selective on the boards you are choosing to pin content from. Make sure the boards fit your style and look graphically pleasing. That way people will establish your profile as one that shares good content.

Mini Details to Improving the Look of Your Profile:

First: Make sure the boards that do not match up with your businesses theme are made secret.

Second: Your first board on your profile should be all about your blog & services and link back to your site!

Third: Make sure every board has at least 30-40 pins in the beginning.

Fourth: Establish a Graphic Theme for your posts and also for your cover photos. Canva is a great resource to get started on this!

Fifth: If you have something awesome to offer, make it useful and make it look GREAT! The more visually pleasing your posts are, the better response you will have.

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