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I'm Cindy Scott, the Owner of Cinders Pins & Cinders Media. I have worked in the media industry, in many roles all across America, for over 15 years.

I’m a Michigan native working these days as a Digital Nomad out of my RV. Most of my clients are looking for help with getting more viewers to their website.

I provide a range of options to make this happen, including Pinterest Management, Blog Writing & Management, Instagram Management, Email Marketing, Video Production & Editing, Photography & Photo Editing.

When I'm not working, I try to take advantage of my location independence as much as possible by traveling! I pride myself on being an adventurer who can always find a cheap deal. I can promise you, taking part in travel and adventure does not also have to break the bank.

You can read all about RV life here.

I hope this site inspires you to reach out! Please feel free to connect with me!

The 5 Project Management Tools Every Freelancer, Business Owner and Social Media Manager Needs to Use

Airtable / Asana - I LOVE Airtable and Asana!

Airtable gives you the ability to create rich databases, filter, and sort into many different views, collaborate with a team and overall gives you the ability to plan out multiple projects from every possible angle. The options of how to view and organize projects are endless! It took me a day or two to sit down with the app and map out my plan for how I was going to use it. But once I had it all setup, I was in love! 😍The varieties of formats, views, and connections you can make between fields is not comparable to anything else currently on the market. Airtable makes every project more organized and less overwhelming. If you are trying to manage a business or organize multiple events, this is hands down the best organizer you’ll come across!

The value of the app rests in being organized. Having a database that holds all the pieces to the puzzle is extremely valuable when you're trying to keep track of all the moving parts within your business and when trying to set rates for your clients. Seeing every action needed and all the time necessary to complete the project will help you make sure you’re charging clients appropriately for your time.

Asana is similar to Airtable, but it does not offer as complex of options. For someone looking for a more basic way to stay organized, Asana will get the job done!

Grammarly - Grammarly is another tool I use daily. Grammarly does what it sounds like it does, keeps me on my grammar game! I like to think of it as spell check on steroids. I use it not only for all of my blog posts and communication but I also use it to check over every client's post before they go live on any of the various social media platforms. Proper grammar is becoming a lost art. I have found that having a tool to look at everything before I hit "post" or "send" provides a significant sense of relief.

Later - Later is an Instagram scheduling tool that abides by Instagram's terms. It is not as easy as Facebook scheduling where you can set it up, leave it and trust Facebook to do the rest, but it's not too much more difficult. You use this program to store the planned post; then when it is the best time for posting according to your schedule and analytics, you will get a message on your phone to put up the post. Then you must manually put up the post. Again, it's a little bit of extra work, but still makes all the difference because 9 pm on a Friday might be a great time to for my specific Instagram post, but definitely isn't when I'm most creative.

Boardbooster & Tailwind - This is a two for one. Boardbooster and Tailwind both help you up your Pinterest game, but in different ways. I am going to go more into detail on each of these apps in an upcoming blog post. To break it down right now though, I use Boardbooster to keep my Pinterest active and Tailwind to keep my posts appearing on the proper schedule.

Google Calendar - This one is an oldie but a goodie. I used to be a die-hard user of Sunrise Calendar. Once they were bought out, Google Calendar was the next closest option for me. This program integrates with just about any application you could imagine using these days. ‘Nuf said.

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